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In 2016, Apple announced new MacBook Pro with the next generation I/O interface-Thunderbolt 3.

We genuinely believe Thunderbolt 3 will unify the different shapes of the hardware interface between different devices.

In 2019, we started TDBT brand.

What is TDBT?

TDBT is an abbreviation for THUNDERBOLT, which means super fast speed.

All TDBT branded product will provide high-performance products at a reasonable price. 

If you have a particular demand for USB-C or Thunderbolt products, we also provide customized products to meet your requirements, please submit your request here.

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  • I just bought the T3 for my 2019 MAcbook Pro. I have problem with the 2 USB A ports. They don’t recognize any USB devices connect to it, I trie with my Web Cam and Scanner. I also tried “csrutil disable” in Recovery Mode but still won’t work. Please help

    Wadson on

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