How to solve Samsung 970 EVO plus M.2 NVMe SSD not work with Mac

Posted by Kevin Li on

We have several different branded SSDs to test TDBT's products performance. When we were testing Samsung 970 EVO plus M.2 NVMe SSD which installed inside SuperC or our new model Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with MacBook Pro, we found that it doesn't work with Mac, the failure behaviors may as below:
  • Can't recognized by Disk Utility
  • Recognized by Disk Utility, but can't erase the disk, it caused Disk Utility freeze
  • After formatting the SSD, it may disconnect from Mac when copying files

If you also have Samsung 970 EVO plus M.2 NVMe SSD and want to make it work with Mac(MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/iMac/Mac Pro), please check below guide.

Contact Samsung customer service

The easiest way is to contact Samsung customer service to help you update the firmware, and you need to send your SSD back to them.

Update firmware manually

If you don't want to wait some days to return your SSD to Samsung, and you are familiar with the computer, you can update firmware manually yourself. The main steps are as below:

  1. Download the latest 970 EVO plus firmware(version 2B2QEXM7)
  2. Read official firmware update guide, or you can download here
  3. Make a bootable USB drive
  4. Change the motherboard BIOS boot setting, boot from the USB drive and finish the firmware update(For Mac, to boot from USB drive, please check this and this )
Now it should work well with your Mac.


    1. The USB drive capacity should be smaller than 32GB. Otherwise, the computer may not detect the USB bootable drive
    2. You can make the bootable USB drive on Mac or Windows PC
    3. After you boot from the USB drive, if your computer didn't detect the Samsung 970 EVO plus, please install the SSD to computer motherboard directly for a try
    4. Please don't use Samsung Magician Software to update the firmware. Even it tells you that the firmware was updated successfully, the SSD still can't work with Mac normally


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