Firmware Update for TDBT SuperC NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure

Posted by Kevin Li on

The firmware updates below are for TDBT SuperC M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Enclosure only. TDBT is not responsible for damages or data loss as a result of other than intended use.

The latest firmware improved compatibility with 2TB/1920GB M.2 SSDs, fixed overheating issues on certain motherboard chipsets, fixed disconnecting issues on large transfers.

Firmware update requirements:

  • Please update firmware on Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC
  • Please remove the SSD before connecting SuperC to your computer

Before firmware updating:

Check your current firmware version in Windows Device Manager. 

    1. Right-click the Windows Start button in the bottom left, click on 'Device Manager'.
    2. Expand the 'Storage controllers'.
    3. Double-click on 'USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device'.
    4. Click the 'Details' tab.
    5. Under 'Property', choose 'Hardware Ids'.
    6. Under 'Value', look for 'REV_xxxx', this is the current firmware version number.

Firmware update steps:

  1. Download the firmware update tool:
  2. Remove any SSD from SuperC enclosure and connect it to your computer.
  3. Unzip the file you just downloaded, and you will get a .exe file named "SuperC_FWUpdate_Utility_0206"
  4. Run SuperC_FWUpdate_Utility_0206.exe
  5. Wait about 30 seconds, the firmware update tool will check new version firmware automatically. When it found the new version firmware, please click the "Update" button to start updating
  6. After the firmware update finished, click the "Exit" button.
  7. Disconnect SuperC from your computer and re-connect it. Now, you can recheck the firmware version to check whether the firmware was the latest one.

If you need a further technical guide, please leave a comment here or send an email to


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    Clasiarmamzix on

  • I also have firmware revision 208, but Linux reports that the enclosure does not support TRIM, even though the SDD I’m using does. Will a future firmware update this so it works in Linux too?

    James on

  • New firmware version “Jmicron JMS-583 NVMe/USB 3.1 Controller firmware Version”
    posted today, 14 Aug. 2020:

    Richard on

  • @Roger
    If the firmware on your item is version 0208, you will no need to update the firmware.
    All of the new products from the factory come with the latest version of the firmware.
    If we got any update in the future, we will provide the firmware download link here.
    Kind regards
    TDBT Customer Support

    Kevin on

  • After checking my TDBT Super C I have firmware that is 208. Just wondering if that could be correct seeing that the version here is only 206? Why aren’t the new versions posted? Regardless my device is working great.

    Roger on

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